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The True Cost

This 2015 documentary literally shows you the heartbreaking true cost of fast fashion and introduces you to some of the people who make your clothing.  



This 2017 documentary shows you an up close look at the effect the textile and tannery industry has on fresh water in countries like China, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and India. Spoiler alert; cheap leather and denim goods are major bad news:

Made in Bangladesh

Made In Bangladesh 

This tv investigative report originally aired on CBC on October 11, 2013 just shy of 6 months after the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in Bangladesh where over 1100 people lost their lives. For me, it really connected the clothes in my closet to the tragedy and further strengthened my commitment to supporting sustainable brands. The very brands they speak of in this documentary hang in my closet, sporting "Made in Bangladesh" tags. 

Made in Bangladesh