Hello! I'm Nicole A Go Go! 

Hi! I'm Nicole A Go Go! I sew and design super colourful clothing often inspired by 1960s mod/flower power/pop fashion! Orange and pink rule my closet (and this website). 

I'm very passionate about sustainability and fair practices within the garment industry. This means avoiding fast fashion retailers whenever possible, making my own clothes, or buying second hand. When sewing, I do my best to use vintage fabrics, old garments, or eco friendly fabric.

I love sharing my knowledge of the garment industry with others and helping people discover a more meaningful relationship with their clothes. This means educating people on the true cost of fast fashion and sharing my technical skills.

I believe if everyone tried to make just one article of clothing, whether it be a t-shirt or a simple skirt, they'd have a better appreciation of everything in their wardrobe, and they'd understand why the $6.99 t-shirt isn't as amazing as it seems. Have a look around my go-go dojo and send me a message if you're interested in working together!